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SignSKOOL provides sign language education for deaf individual in India of all ages and backgrounds.Literacy is often the first step, opening doors to trainings in livelihoods and technology. The majority of deaf people in India live in rural areas that lack access to sign language educational and sign language based resources.



Deaf Children's Programs

Literacy is often the first step, opening doors to awareness, education, skill enhancement, empowerment ,trainings in livelihood and technology. The majority of deaf population in India live in rural and villages, they lack access to sign language educational and sign language based resources.
Health: Build awareness and informative video presentation on Pregnancy and motherhood ,Preventative health, sanitation, personal hygiene, nutrition, preventable diseases, and sexual and reproductive health etc.
Deaf Children’s Programs: signSKOOL has sections specifically for deaf children, We have children’s programs such as General Knowledge, Rhymes, Basic Math, Basic English, Art, Social Studies, Environmental Education, and Social etiquettes, Road Safety etc. deaf children are recommended to learn Indian Sign Language (ISL) as a first language, followed by written or reading English as a second language.

Deaf Youth Support

Deaf Youth Support: signSKOOL provides both freemium and subscribed learning tutorials on a wide range of learning programs. Our mission is to provide a dedicated platform providing learning, skill and knowledge enhancement modules and programs in Indian Sign Language.

Deaf Empowerment

SignNEXT provide educational resources and training programs focused on creating livelihoods and building financial literacy. 70% of deaf people in India live in rural communities; a majority of those deaf people live below the poverty line. We provide deaf individuals and communities with skills that enable them to earn a living without having to migrate to urban areas, so they can invest in their personal and professional lives  and the development of their communities.

Livelihood Skills Training

Deaf Women Empowerment

Small Business Skills Training

Livelihood Skill Training: Our skill training programs to provide professional and career skills trainings towards employment opportunities in areas as careers in BPO’s, start-ups, small and medium business, digital content design and management. Fashion and Sewing, Ornamental fish and poultry farming, organic agriculture, and Beautician courses etc.
Deaf Women Empowerment: Our women empowerment programs empower and educate deaf girls and women to shape their future and accelerate progress within their communities. We also aim to assist deaf women to improve their self–confidence by helping them improve their literacy, technical and social skills. Many deaf women in India are illiterate and lack the opportunities to develop this (and other) fundamental skills. Enhancing their knowledge and skills through educational, vocational and awareness programs, teaching them about the world, cultures, general knowledge. Teaching them about basic personal hygiene, pregnancy and motherhood. Our projects expand opportunities for Deaf women through Education, Entrepreneurship, Skill and Vocational trainings. We provide deaf women the knowledge and skills, providing networking opportunities, mentoring, access to information and business management training, we foster environments where women can advocate for improved policies.

Small Business Skill Training: Training in financial literacy to own micro-enterprises , marketing, and management that will help the Deaf successfully run and manage their finances and business.